• What's 4D Hyperatmos Fiber?
  • QSHION’s Hyperatmos Fiber adopts Japanese technology to form complex 4-dimensional structures with elastic polyolefin fibers which provide ideal ventilation. After 80,000 times compression test of QSHION Hyperatmos Fiber, it still remains 95% resilience rate of thickness. It’s durable for long-term use. Also, owing to its excellent specialty of non-toxic, resilient, breathable, and washable, now is widely used in mattress, cushion pad, pillow and so forth.  
    The processes of production are all rigorously controlled. QSHION lets you be able to take good care of you or your families and help protect the earth and environment at the same time.
  • How to long-term use QSHION products?
  • 1. Keeping away from heat, such as electric heated blanket, dryer, heater, or iron.
    2. Do not leave the inner pad in direct sunlight.
    3. Do not store in vaccum bags.
  • How to wash my QSHION mattress?
  • All parts of our mattress are washable, including the 4D Hyperatmos Fiber inside!
    It’s easy to clean and wash away stains.
    After washing QSHION, simply place it in a ventilated area, it only takes a little time to dry.

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